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Frank Avellino directing Oliver! at the Bergen County Players

Frank directing the young ensemble during a rehearsal for Lionel Bart's Oliver!
— photo by Alan Zenreich.

Meet Frank Avellino

Graphic artist, director, set designer, scenic painter, producer, production conceptualizer, playwright...

practically an entire production company rolled into one creative mind.

Frank's 20 years' experience designing for theater and the performing arts includes show branding, promotion, set design, and playwriting.

As a graphic designer who also directs and produces, Frank expertly delves into script and plot, to artistically conceptualize the show's vision with captivating graphics that generate audience members. Visit Frank Avellino's "Logo Your Show" on Facebook for promotional specials and a broad portfolio of his graphic art.

Frank is the co-founder and artistic arm behind Boz and the Bard Productions, Inc., "...a company to watch...B&B have the intelligence and talent to support their ambitions..." (Doug DeVita, Off-Off Broadway Review). Using a psychological approach, his capacity for "...taut direction..." (Peter Filichia, Star Ledger News), has riveted audiences and secured some rave reviews.

His capacity to design sets that evoke mood and convey the story, despite the size of the budget, has earned Frank the praise of producers and reviewers alike.

These are some of Frank's theatrical accomplishments. Here is some of his work.

"Frank Avellino brings the kind of quiet authority to a set that's only exhibited by a director who knows exactly what he's doing. He knows when to tighten the reins...and when to let the actors loose on some solid material. With his artistic expertise, he's always aware of the complex interaction between the visual and the cerebral, which come together in his work in pretty astounding ways. Frank is a phenomenal combination of an artist and a technician, rendering the fantastic in a realistic way."

— Jeff Essex, actor, Ice in April

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